About Me


Hi, Im Jodi. Im a woman in my mid 30’s working full time with two small children, and a partner who is doing the same. Sounds pretty typical, right?

Well, I am pretty typical, if that means that I am an everyday person with everyday demands and many things to be grateful for. However  I find that for a typical life, I often feel like I have to do some kind of contortionist magic such as is going in the the photo below just to keep up with every day demands. By the way, the gifted human in this picture is NOT me. The person in the photo above is!

low angle view of woman relaxing on beach against blue sky
Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

I am a mental health professional and I provide psychotherapy for mood and anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorder and personality disorders. I love my work very much and find it a privilege to get to learn about what it means to be human from the people that I work with. I am also a life long horse person, having showed hunter/jumpers as a teen and now having transitioned to natural horsemanship. I am an introvert, and deeply value my close friendships though it is much harder to keep in touch these days between distance, careers and families.

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