About me.


Hi, I’m Jodi, a mother, social worker, partner and horse person.

I have two wonderful, young kids and am a partner to a wonderful man who also works full time. So pretty much just your average working mom, trying hard (with mixed results) to find balance in my life. In my pre-kid life, this was pretty easy- I kept busy with my horses, projects around home and friends and still had ample time to relax and do whatever I chose. Ahhh, the luxury.

I went back to my full time work as a cognitive behavioral therapist in an out patient mental health program after having my second child. It was then that I really started to notice feeling the weight of balancing multiple demands, and trying to figure out how to meet all of those while still enjoying life and not losing my own time, passions and values within that. Initially, I didn’t adapt all that well- I gained a bunch of weight quickly, my horse time fell off the radar, and I was finding myself working really, really hard all the time, which I know isn’t really sustainable while continuing to feel good. So I began to realize that now that I have more demands, I need to address my own wellness in new ways, because the old ones don’t really fit into my life anymore. Its time to adapt, and I’m most grateful for my work in mental health because that knowledge is helping me do it.

The truth is, mental health challenges are, for the most part, just common human experiences happening in extremes. Its the moments where we need to adapt but find ourselves facing barriers, so we do the best we can but in ways that have unintended consequences for our life. In my work I only get to see people once the balance is off and things have started to become a problem. I realized in addressing my own needs that most of us encounter such a moment in our lives, and how we respond can make the difference between developing a more serious problem and finding new ways to respond to maintain health. I began to realize that given that my mental health background helps me stay well amid the everyday stresses of life, I might have a few things that could help someone else with their own balancing act. After all, we are all just human.

My hope in starting this blog is to start a conversation about how we cultivate and maintain strong, resilient emotional and mental health within our selves among the multiple demands of modern life. I am interested in sharing my thoughts, and hearing others, about how we recognize, honour, manage and live our emotions and values in ways that may not be perfect and may get messy, but that make us honest, real and strong. I am interested in how this translates in our parenting, friendships, relationships, workplaces and hobbies/passions. The name of the blog, Head in the clouds, feet on the ground, embodies this for me- the balance between dreams and practicality, productivity and joy, future goals and engagement in the moment. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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