Why this Blog?

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“I really think we just….live wrong” I said to my colleague as I sat in her office after hearing another example of someone trying so hard to meet all the many demands of life and still feeling like a failure. As we went on to share our observations on the myriad of ways modern life effects mental health, she looked at me and said, “I think you have something to say. Why don’t you write about it?”

Later that evening, I found myself at home struggling with the evidence of my ever-growing ineptitude with technology- trying to figure out WordPress. My colleague’s words had struck a chord in me, and I found myself with some time as the kids were in bed and my partner away on business. I returned to work a few months previous after my second maternity leave, and in an effort to try to stimulate my “mom brain” had mentioned to my co-worker a few days earlier that I was thinking about starting a blog. Her comment in our conversation had reminded me of this and I was inspired to begin.

So I began drafting posts, and compiled quite a few in draft form. I didn’t post them publicly however until nearly a year later! I was intending to write a blog about maintaining balance while I could not find time to post! It hilighted for me the need to turn my own attention to the balance in my life, and this blog is one way to focus on that,

I am a mental health professional (a cognitive behavioural therapist, specifically), mom, partner, sister and daughter. Life for me went along pretty smoothly through two university degrees, finding work and getting married. I had my horses (whom you will undoubtedly hear more about if you keep reading), a career I love, and a wonderful partner. Balance was pretty easy to find, what with friends around frequently and ample leisure time!

I life since having kids has been a gift, and we have also had to learn to adjust and find a new balance for ourselves. In many ways, doing so has made me stronger, but there were many bumps along the way. I have seen may friends, family members, co-workers and people in my community struggle with some of the same challenges, and have tried to learn some helpful strategies for my own life. In my work, I generally only get to see someone once their personal strategies have run short- in this blog I would like to share thoughts on how we might maintain wellness (physical, mental, emotional etc.) in a high demand life. I look forward to the conversation!

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